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Surveillance Solution temperature and humidity remotely via the Internet and mobile networks GSM

ECAPRO supply humidity, temperature controlling and monitoring system for applications.
Our Models of infrastructure  can eliminate unnecessary to rent servers and network software. Nowaday, with the advances in technology of ECAPRO what make , web-based embedded temperature monitoring system can significantly reduce the cost of technology ownership.
Discover the different industry, we have been used with much success of temperature monitoring system. Storing measuring  data wherever and anytime and test data for making sure  that system works well and meet the requirements. 

We provide solutions of temperature monitoring for devices in hospitals by using of ECA-GPIs4.4EPO center equipment that has many temperature measurement probes with different measurement ranges from -100 ° C to 100 degrees C .

 We help ensure that the pharmaceutical products remain under the storage conditions to ensure quality.

Blood bank
We help ensure that all blood products are kept at appropriate temperatures and in suitable conditions.

Our solution is to record and monitor data directly from refrigerators and freezers without any physical device for storing and managing the temperature record. Monitoring the temperature and moisture in food storage facilities, storage repository  rice, coffee, pepper tea.

Data Center
ECAPRO currently provides solutions to monitor temperature, humidity, water leakage and other safety and security for hundreds of the most advanced data centers nationally.

life science
ECAPRO provide a practical solution for protecting sensitive diagnostic samples and the test results.

We provide a valuable solution and reasonable price to meet the requirements for temperature monitoring for vaccination program. Ensuring vaccine temperature maintained between 2 0C to 8 0C. Using ECA-GPIs4.4EDS device with 2 probes for 2 vaccine refrigerators.



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