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1. Introduction:

After surveying works like installation of temperature alarm monitoring for hospitals such as the  Tropical Hospital , Cho Ray Hospital and Children's Hospital Number 1, one of the difficulties is to have to spend expensive costs for connecting  signal wires between the sensors, temperature probes with center monitoring  control cabinet.

Due to the amount of the temperature probes are distributed in many different rooms and several floors of the hospital, wiring and tubing is genetically complex and time consuming. The wiring must be assured of a smooth signal transmission while not missing beauty with many different types of wires of the hospital like submersible wiring in the wall, sunk in the ceiling,  floating wiring,  underground wiring. This will cost for surveying the space survey prior to making estimates. With signal wiring so synonymous with the refrigerator must be fixed and the replacement or addition of a new refrigerator is hard work.

2. Solve the problems:

ECAPRO studied and launched a new solution for these problems is "warning and monitoring system of temperature and humidity through the intelligent wireless network communications"

This system has gained a lot of advantages:

The system was installed quickly, easily, with different spaces without previous survey. Things that reduce construction time laying down 1/5 wire systems use signals.

The device uses battery power for 1 year with energy saving technology nanoWatt.

The probes have high mobility, can more or less easily and can be installed in the device moves.

Each thermal probe Ministry wireless communications have two temperature sensors allow for 2 refrigerator installation in close proximity.

Use multi-purpose with the type refrigerator containing medication, refrigerators containing vaccines, blood contained refrigerator, refrigerator containing food, cold storage and server rooms.

 The main components used in the system:

Closets monitoring center warned: ECA-GPIs4.4ETHZ

The temperature probe Wireless communication: ECA-RFZ2S

Dimentions of center cabinet

300 x 400 x 10mm



Power supply


Center processing chip

RISC 32bit 100Mhz

Wireless communication connection

GSM 900/1800 MHz, GPRS multislot class

Wire communication connection -  Ethernet LAN

Speed:10/100M, Ports: RJ45

Digital input

4, connection type:  NC, NO; end of Line resistor

Digital output

4, collector type:   100mA

Real time - RTC


Ports - USB2.0

Communication with PC

Manage the media heat probe

Maximum include:  5 sets ECA-RFZ2S (corresponding to 10
temperature probes)


Web server: Monitoring, controlling all LAN network.
All of data is displayed in the form of web page

Data Storage record file - CSV

Memory SD , maximum 8GB

Robotical communication, displays and installations

ECA-HMI420, Displays up  80 digits abd 4 touch keypads  

Redundant power (optional)

UPS 12V3A, 17AH – 24h

Technical data of the wireless cummunication thermal probe, ECA-RFZ2S:  


90 x 90 x 10mm



Power supply


Manage the humidity and temperature sensor

02 humidity and temperature sensors that can wire up 20 meters.

Humidity and temperature sensor

Temperature range -40 - 80 oC; accuracy :  0.5 degree

Temperature range 0-99% ; accuracy:  3%.

Wireless communication protocols

IEEE standart: 802.15, frequency  2.4Ghz  

Wireless communication distance

Maximum: 1500m, it is in bigger range for  Repeater.

Power supply

4 battery sort of  1.5V AAA, Using time: 1 year






1. Requires for temperature supervising solution.

The requirements content of temperature monitoring solution for pharmaceutical and blood storage refrigerators.

 Objective of solutions:

Monitoring the temperature for the refrigerator to preserve blood and pharmaceuticals.

Temperature range to be measured: from -50 oC to + 10oC.

Number of refrigerator: 20 cabinets

The location of the refrigerator: not fixed, are located in different rooms in the hospital.

Description: Monitoring for cold storage, when the temperature exceeds the temperature range allows the alarm using the following methods: the light is on when temperature sensor identify that the temperature  exceed in the central cabinet, send SMS manages phone number and and display information in real time on the web server. In case, the 220VAC power failure, immediately alerts via SMS, to take timely treatment. In this case the equipment is built 1 system of UPS12V  for using when the power failure, so the system can work more within 12 hours.


2. Proposal for temperature monitoring solution

2.1. Model of system

The system model  consists of three main components:

1. The temperature probe connected Modbus RTU

2. Temperature Monitoring Center (Server)

3. Computers observed LAN connection (Client)

The temperature probe placed in the refrigerator with a temperature range from -50 to 85 degrees C with a tolerance of ± 0.1 ° C. The probe uses RS485 network connection allows placed in different positions with a maximum distance to 1000m to temperature monitoring center.

Each temperature monitoring center can handle 10 temperature probes. Temperature monitoring center will receive data obtained from the temperature probe, data storage (data storage to 4GB), processing and issuing warnings directly through light, through SMS and supervised directly by the web server. Centre monitoring LAN connectivity and embedded web and IP addresses, so there are a lot of central cabinet and all can be connected to the LAN. As the need to monitor any  cabinet, just need to enter that cabinet ‘s IP in LAN. 

The computers in the local network (LAN) that can monitor the central cabinet through IP or hostname . These parameters are displayed on the machine, the need to change the parameters should have access Password and Username.


 2.2 Temperature Monitoring Center ECA-GPIs4.4ETHL


Advanced Features:


Activity mode: monitoring, alerting and data collection.


Monitoring via SMS and Web server. With the methods we just send the message in 1 syntax  will get full information of the system. With this method, the web server enables online monitoring of system informations. A device with a LAN connector for connecting with the internal network. We just need to type the IP address or hostname of the device can be observed as see information on website.


Functions include warning alerts via SMS and via a warning lamp on the web server and also shows the alerts occur. The alerts include: warning temperature exceeded high or low, warning the power failure.


Collecting data of temperature of 10 channels in 1 hour 1 time, include also time date and to be recorded into csv file format that is compatible with Excel was transferred to emails periodically and automatically copied to the SD memory card. Displays real-time temperature graph of each channel on the web.


The settings such as: Allow to install 3 e-mail addresses, 5 mobile phone numbers and the temperature threshold date for each temperature probe.


The communication installation including installation via SMS, via USB connection to a computer, or directly on the web server.


The technical data of center cabinet ECA-GPIs4.4ETHL:



90 x 60 x 30mm



Wave range GSM

GSM 900/1800 MHz, GPRS multislot class 10


RISC 32bit 100Mhz USA

Digital input

4,  off: 0V,  on 10-15V.

Alarm output

1 output sort of open colector 200mA

Controllable output

3 outputs sort of open colector  200mA

Real time - RTC

Module -HMI420

Display 4x20 digits, 4 touch keypads

Ports - Ethernet (LAN)

RJ45, Speed 10/100Mhz

Ports - USB2.0

Communication with a PC for installing funtions

Sensor connecting ports - Modbus

Maximum 10 temperature probes - RS485

Data storage

Memory SD up to  2GB

Redundant power

UPS 12V7A, 12VDC/3A


  3. The images that related to this solution


3.1 The Image of temperature monitoring center cabinet   ECA-GPIs4.4ETHL


3.2 The Image of  the Web  server interface


3.3 The image of the temperature chart on the web server


3.4 Image of  the actual deployment.




We would like to introduce HMI SCADA system with a web server. SCADA stands for supervisory control terms and data collection. HMI is about  the human interface with the machine. These systems usually refers to an industrial control system: a computer system to monitor and control a process. These processes include water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection, gas pipelines, irrigation and distribution door, wind farms and environmental systems. Other processes such as monitoring of buildings, airports and ships, remote alarms, device status and maintenance status of different devices.

Web server embedded on the device:

• All the events of the system will be converted into HTML pages to track web, intranet settings for tracking control or IP settings for remote monitoring over the Internet.

• Users will be able to see their data systems in real time and sends commands (change set point, control equipment on or off), using the Web server.

• All commands and security password set-points. Orders received from your browser to be forwarded to the sensors and actuators is like when you are at the computer base station.

• Easy to use by  the setting for events and Web servers.

Your existing project is display on HTML 5.

• Project your existing display HTML5 format files. What you see is simulated working process of the event is what you see in your browser.

• Other HTML5 pages created by other manufacturers may also be used in the system.


Equipment  ECA-GPIs4.4EPO and ECA-GPIs6.6CE embedded on web server, respond for SCADA system.

Specific projects:

SCADA system for AHU 

Energy management for Kim Tin wood factory

Pump station control monitoring in Hai Duong province

Electrical control monitoring system for VNPT office building

SCADA system for HFIC company 


Overall solution of outside warning for BTS

ECA-GPIs8.2FA-BTS is a security and monitoring and automatic control system of the BTS which allows monitoring and control in real-time. It functions as a security device, a smoke detector and automatic door control for environmental parameters to ensure the stability of BTS electronic device operations.  Additionally, this system can be employed in server, computer, medical equipment and advanced electronic rooms.  

The device can communicate with other warning security devices or standard alerts as BTS, and can connect to the modem GSM / GPRS to warn, setup and control via SMS, EMAIL and WEB.


Overall connection diagram for the hardware system. 

Central monitoring part combined with maps, sound and images alerts. 

Advanced monitoring software in combination with camera display .

   Table of specifications:





General introduction

External alarm device to the base station, with the ability to detect, given the type of alert as follows:

+ Warning of high temperature in engine room

+ Warning fire, smoke

+ Warning flooded engine room

+ Warning the door openned in machine room

+ Warning compromised machine room

+ Warning engine room with high humidity

+ Warning AC power failure; running generator warning;

-Driven operation of the air conditioning in machine room;

-This system controls the operation of DC ventilation fan;

-Get to know the power supply of BTS is  the ignition source or the power supply;

-All Warning thresholds can be adjusted according to user requirements;

-LCD and LED display the parameters of the device and display the warning;

Central control cabinet must be compact, ensuring aesthetic and are powder coated, with security lock. On the enclosure printed manufacturer's name, contacting phone number when the problem of the external alarm should contact for warranty.


Types of warning

The alerts can be converted into the standard signal to connect to external alarm-receiving port of BTS and transmits information to management center OMC by the BTS transmission. Signal is put into BTS in the form of closing and opening switch;

- For the type of alert, such as fire warning, warning smoke, warning flooded engine room, computer room alert was opened, warning for compromised engine room, in addition to transmitting the warning to the management center OMC,  facilities are also offered on-site alarm signal as sound (buzzer), light (signal light);

-Can Be installed to turn off or turn on the exit of the siren alarm.

-Can Alerts via SMS, email or Web if using modules GSM / GPRS / ETHERNET.


Warning for high temperature in engine room

-You can adjust the high temperature threshold (under 10 oC / step). When the room temperature is higher than this threshold, the device will issue a warning;

-There Lights display screen or room temperature and high temperature warning threshold;

Temperature measurement range: from 0 0C to 700C;

-Accuracy: ≤ 0.50C (at 250C)

-Time Sensitivity response: ≤ 30 seconds


Warning fire, smoke

-Warning fire, smoke

-Conform TCVN 5738: 2000 on technical requirements of fire alarm systems;

- Makes for ≥ 15m2 area;

-Source 12VDC


Smoke detector

Operating principle: The principle of ionization;

Impact Time ≤ 30s;

Include: normal status indicator lights / warning


Mixed fire detectors (fixed temperature and increasing temperature )

 Warning function of increase temperature: if temperatures rise ≥ 80C / 1 minute;

Fire Alarm Function of fixed temperature thresholds: Threshold effects from 570C;

Impacting Time  ≤ 120s;


Alarm speaker

Can adjust time of alarm sound whenever there is a problem;

-There is a switch to turn off the sound of the sirens in case of need;

- Generating different sounds to warn of fire or smoke and the types of other alerts;

Sound  emitted intensity: ≥ 100dB.


Warning for flooded engine room

Can adjust the warning water level by adjusting the altitude of sensors submerged. When the water level is higher than the threshold  then the device will issue a warning;

- Source 12VDC.


Warning for opened engine room door

- Identify the door of engine room openned


Infrared intrusion detector

- Hook up on Ceiling, vertically viewing angle of 360 degrees;

- Range of horizontally minimum observing: 15mx15m / 900;

- Source 12VDC


Humidity proble

Humidity measurement range: 0% to 100% RH;

Accuracy: ≤ 5% RH (in the range from 20% RH to 90% RH);

- Sensitivity response time: ≤ 30 seconds.


Operation control of the air conditioning machine room

Driven two air conditioner machines in room running alternately at normal conditions (alternate runtime can be installed optionally). When there is a malfunction on one of these air conditioner machines what shall be automatically switched to control the operation of residual other one.

-When the room temperature is higher than the high temperature threshold, device will automatically control both of air conditioning machines for operating at the same time until the room temperature falls below the high temperature threshold;

Center controlling station using relays with currents ≥ 50A to turn on  and off directly air conditionings.

-When the room temperature is lower than the low temperature threshold, device will automatically disconnect the power of the air conditioning, and when the voltage is higher than the high voltage threshold, it will automatically supplies the power to the air conditioning. In addition, it should be added a timer to define the delay time for the breaker/ the power of the air conditioning

-When the lower voltage threshold level below preset will automatically disconnect power air conditioning, and when the voltage is higher than the upper limit was set before it automatically supplies power to the air conditioning. In addition to the extra timer to provisions for defined time delay for the breaker / power for air conditioning, and the delay time can also be adjusted according to user requirements.


Operation control of DC ventilator system

When the room temperature is higher than the high temperature threshold, then the controlling cuircuit of ventilator will be activated.  Ventilator system will stop operating when the room temperature is at normal temperature.

Can stop operating of ventilator system  by hand when it needs to be maintainented or repaired


Báo sử dụng nguồn máy nổ

Warning using the power of generators

Using an electrical circuit to identify the power supply to BTS, irrespective of the case when the power off or not.

When the voltage of generator power is lower than the low voltage threshold, then it is considered that there is no power for the generator.  


The power supply for devices

AC electricity,  01-phase,  220VAC nominal voltage, nominal frequency  50 / 60Hz;

-There is a battery for reserving in case the power off in 8 hours.


The structure of couples

 The funtions of devices are designed as modules that it is easy for maintaining and repairing.


Ability of extension

There is a connector with GSM modem, allowing the alert sent by SMS about events happening at the same time receive a message to install and control.

There is a connector for Ethernet Module that allows control and monitor online via the Web


The cover of device

Coated powder to ensure aesthetics and insulation


Conditions of environment

Temperature range

From 00C to 650C

Humidity range

 From 5% to 95%



Giải pháp đo và giám sát nhiệt độ và độ ẩm trong không gian rộng

temp va humidity2


Giải Pháp hệ thống giám sát cảnh báo môi trường (nhiệt độ, độ ẩm, dò nước) cho phòng máy chủ và trung tâm dữ liệu

       Nhằm bảo vệ an toàn cho trung tâm dữ liệu và phòng máy chủ, thông báo ngay những nhiễu động về nhiệt độ, độ ẩm, nguồn điện và những hiểm họa khác. Thiết bị ECA-GPIs4.4ETH thực hiện chức năng như vậy, vừa giám sát và điều khiển các thông số môi trường của phòng máy chủ thông qua các kết nối mạng GSM/GPRS và kết nối mạng LAN (ứng dụng giám sát điều khiển qua Internet).

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