We would like to introduce HMI SCADA system with a web server. SCADA stands for supervisory control terms and data collection. HMI is about  the human interface with the machine. These systems usually refers to an industrial control system: a computer system to monitor and control a process. These processes include water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection, gas pipelines, irrigation and distribution door, wind farms and environmental systems. Other processes such as monitoring of buildings, airports and ships, remote alarms, device status and maintenance status of different devices.

Web server embedded on the device:

• All the events of the system will be converted into HTML pages to track web, intranet settings for tracking control or IP settings for remote monitoring over the Internet.

• Users will be able to see their data systems in real time and sends commands (change set point, control equipment on or off), using the Web server.

• All commands and security password set-points. Orders received from your browser to be forwarded to the sensors and actuators is like when you are at the computer base station.

• Easy to use by  the setting for events and Web servers.

Your existing project is display on HTML 5.

• Project your existing display HTML5 format files. What you see is simulated working process of the event is what you see in your browser.

• Other HTML5 pages created by other manufacturers may also be used in the system.


Equipment  ECA-GPIs4.4EPO and ECA-GPIs6.6CE embedded on web server, respond for SCADA system.

Specific projects:

SCADA system for AHU 

Energy management for Kim Tin wood factory

Pump station control monitoring in Hai Duong province

Electrical control monitoring system for VNPT office building

SCADA system for HFIC company 


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